We are a proud supporter of MRU Kids Camp

We are a proud supporter of the MRU Kids Summer Camps! As sponsor of the Canadian Natural Junior Innovators Camp we are excited to support learning opportunities for youth in our community.


The MRU Kids Junior Camps are for children and youth ages 9-14 and run throughout the summer months to provide kids with exciting learning opportunities in a safe, creative and fun-filled environment.

The Canadian Natural Junior Innovators Camps is a one week summer camp designed to encourage youth to develop creative ways to solve community-based issues using innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

Participants in the camp will get the opportunity to do fun activities such as:

  • Design and create a machine that can roll a ball through at least six items in ‘Invention Area’
  • Crack codes and learn creative ways to solve problems in ‘Decipher Club’
  • Invent new animals or aliens to survive in specific conditions in ‘Creation Zone’
  • Help solve a community-based problem using creative solutions and technology while blogging about your progress in ‘Community-Me’

The Junior Innovators will get to present their projects in an end-of-camp showcase which will highlight everything they learned during the week.

We can’t wait to see what the campers come up! For more information or to learn more please visit http://www.mtroyal.ca/mrukids/programsjunior/index.htm

Event Re-cap: Enduring the Change in Alberta’s Economy


On Tuesday April 9, 2016, the Campus team attended the ‘Enduring the Change in Alberta’s Economy’ event hosted by the Petroleum & Energy Society at the University of Calgary. As the Event Panel sponsor, we had an exciting opportunity to connect with many bright students, new graduates and other industry professionals to discuss both the challenges and opportunities currently facing Alberta’s energy industry.

Our President, Steve Laut, participated in an industry panel alongside prominent Alberta leaders, including:

  • Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd – Alberta’s Minister of Energy
  • Dave Mowat – President & CEO of ATB Financial
  • Jeff Gustavson – President of Chevron Canada
  • Steve Laut – President of Canadian Natural

The panel tackled tough questions from the student audience and participated in an insightful discussion about the Alberta economy.

One key theme that emerged during the panel discussion was the impact that employees have in this difficult market.  In a conversation surrounding the current economic climate, Steve Laut remarked “Oil and Gas is a people business. Businesses will succeed based on the strength and quality of their people.” Then later, when posed with the question “What have you learned from this downturn?” he reiterated this point, by sharing with us his two most significant learnings:

  1. The power of innovation, and
  2. The importance of people

Steve described how innovation is changing the way that we do business at Canadian Natural. Through innovation, the team at Canadian Natural has been able to adapt to the current economic environment by lowering cost structures and continuing to create value for shareholders. This innovation wouldn’t be possible without having the right team of people in place to make it happen.

Students play an important role at Canadian Natural, and we were proud to have so many of our students, both past and current, in the room. Our co-op and internship students are the future employees and leaders of our Company, and it was great to see so many eager minds ready to get into the game and take on the challenge!