We are a proud supporter of MRU Kids Camp

We are a proud supporter of the MRU Kids Summer Camps! As sponsor of the Canadian Natural Junior Innovators Camp we are excited to support learning opportunities for youth in our community.


The MRU Kids Junior Camps are for children and youth ages 9-14 and run throughout the summer months to provide kids with exciting learning opportunities in a safe, creative and fun-filled environment.

The Canadian Natural Junior Innovators Camps is a one week summer camp designed to encourage youth to develop creative ways to solve community-based issues using innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

Participants in the camp will get the opportunity to do fun activities such as:

  • Design and create a machine that can roll a ball through at least six items in ‘Invention Area’
  • Crack codes and learn creative ways to solve problems in ‘Decipher Club’
  • Invent new animals or aliens to survive in specific conditions in ‘Creation Zone’
  • Help solve a community-based problem using creative solutions and technology while blogging about your progress in ‘Community-Me’

The Junior Innovators will get to present their projects in an end-of-camp showcase which will highlight everything they learned during the week.

We can’t wait to see what the campers come up! For more information or to learn more please visit http://www.mtroyal.ca/mrukids/programsjunior/index.htm

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