Employee Day Fun!


Last Thursday all Calgary based employees got together to honour the company mission statement and have some fun at employee day.

The annual event brings Calgary employees together outside of work to have some fun and network with their fellow co-workers. The event took place at Calgary Olympic Park (COP). This venue was perfect as it had tons of room for Canadian Natural employees to eat, socialize and partake in fun activities.

The day started with a BBQ lunch and plenty of food options for everyone.  After lunch members of our management committee hosted the quarterly meeting where employees received an overview of our latest successes and challenges. Employees also had a chance to submit questions on any topic they wish, and senior management happily answered these queries.

After the quarterly meeting, the rest of the day was reserved for fun. There were several tents with DJ’s, food and drinks, and various games for everyone to play along. In addition, employees had the opportunity to enjoy the other attractions such as bobsled, zip lining and the skyline luge. Nothing brings teams together like racing down the hill at 120+ km/h.

We hope all employees had a fantastic day and new students got to experience how important the “fun” part of our mission statement really is.

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