The value of student clubs

Canadian Natural is a proud supporter of student run clubs, organizations and events. Each year we receive countless requests from students inquiring about funding for innovative and meaningful initiatives that help enhance the post-secondary experience for students across Canada.

Participating in student run clubs and organizations can be a rewarding experience for a number of reasons, including:

  1. It forges connections – If you’re going to university away from where you grew up or you’re looking to meet more people in your program a student run club is an excellent way to meet likeminded people.
  2. Network, network, network – Sometimes it seems that all you’re being told is to network more, but there’s a reason why! Networking is an excellent way to build a support community and you never know when a connection will come in handy when looking for a new positions or a glowing reference. At student led events it’s not just other students but often experienced industry members who are in attendance to connect with students.
  3. Enhance your resume – One thing students often ask us at events is how do they make themselves standout when they don’t have any “real world” experience yet? One of our answers is to get involved in an extracurricular and this includes student led clubs. The experience gained from clubs is extremely practical, including; project management, organization, interpersonal skills and practical knowledge gained through case studies and competitions.

We asked one of our Engineers in Training (EIT) Omar Moussa who is the founder of EnergyBowl, a popular multidisciplinary competition focusing on the oil and gas industry, about his experience with student run clubs and organizations; this is what he had to say, “My involvement with PES (Petroleum and Energy Society) helped me gain a better understanding of what it would mean to be an engineer in the real world versus what was taught in the classroom. Being a part of PES also provided the opportunity for networking with professional individuals from the industry who provided valuable mentorship.”

When asked how the connections forged in university carried into his working life, Omar noted, “I still keep in touch with many of these individuals and can still turn to them for mentorship whenever I need.” Omar’s experience with PES demonstrates the value that comes from networking and building relationships early. He also highlighted the benefits that being a member of PES had on building leadership skills and the personal reward felt in mentoring students by passing on what he had learned during his time with PES to help the organization continue to grow and succeed.

Participating in a student club or organization or initiating a new one, much like Omar did, can be a rewarding and fulfilling effort that continues to benefit your growth as a young professional even after your graduation.

If you have a student run initiative that would benefit from additional support please reach out to the Canadian Natural campus team, we would love to hear about it!

Omar and his team participating in PetroBowl.

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