Welcome Summer Students!


The first week in May was a busy one for us on the Campus Recruitment Team.  We welcomed students who will be completing work terms in Calgary, at Horizon and in the field locations all across Western Canada.

On Monday, we kicked off the week with a morning orientation for the Calgary students who are based in our head office. Our orientation reviewed company policies and procedures and included a fun icebreaker game to encourage everyone to get to know their new co-workers. We were impressed with the creativity the students employed when trying to build the tallest free-standing marshmallow structure. It was amazing!

All of our new Relief Operating Summer Students (ROSS) also spent the week in Calgary on the SAIT campus to obtain some crucial safety training before heading to their work term locations. Safety is a core value at Canadian Natural and providing students with proper training is extremely important to us. After their orientation there was time for socializing and fun (also a core value – it’s in our mission statement!) at a meet and greet for all the students.

Thursday was all about the Horizon students; getting oriented at site is no small feat. Many students are staying in camp or in our Fort McMurray townhomes.  It’s been a crazy time as moving for the summer and getting familiar with an operation as large as Horizon can take a few days to become familiar. The Horizon Campus Advisor, Lisa, and one of our Relocation Advisors, Jeremiah, spent the day with the Horizon students hosting the orientation and a meet and greet in the City of Fort McMurray.

Calgary students ended the week on a high note by getting together with all current and new students for a meet and greet. Students challenged each other to fun games of pool and ping pong and joined the Campus Team in cheering on the Flames, adding to the C of Red in Calgary!

We hope all of our new students had a great first week of their work-term!


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