Resume Tips from our Campus Team

Our team often gets asked the question “what are you looking for in a resume?” or “how can I make my resume standout?” While there is no magic formula that we can provide, here are a few tips that might help bring your resume closer to the top of the pile:


  1.   Be clear about what you are looking for

At Canadian Natural, we hire for a wide variety of positions, term lengths, locations etc, making it extremely important that you start your job search knowing exactly what you want and when you’re available. The clearer you are about what you are looking for, the better able we will be to help you get there. For example, if you are a fourth year Chemical Engineering student seeking an 8-month co-op term beginning in May – let us know that!


  1. Target Your Application

We understand that students are busy, and that creating customized resumes for each job might seem like a daunting amount of work, but it really is worth it! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, but do make sure that you are familiar with the requirements of the role, and you have clearly demonstrated how you will add value. By highlighting your skills and competencies that are relevant to the job, you will make it very easy for us to see why you would make a great addition to the team.


  1. It’s your time to shine – Brag a little!

Focus on your accomplishments. Simply listing your job duties and responsibilities doesn’t tell us the full story of all of your great achievements.  One trick we recommend is to quantify your achievements. By using numbers when describing your previous academic and work experience, you are demonstrating yourself as being results oriented rather than task oriented. For example, instead of stating “Sold products to customers”, you might want to say, “Increased store sales by 30% in Q1 of 2014”. This gives us a clear example of how you have already demonstrated that you have the skills to succeed on the job.


  1. Review, Review, Review!

It sounds so simple, but the greatest piece of advice we can give is take a breath and read your application over. We receive very well written cover letters and resumes all of the time, but the only problem is, some of them are addressed to our competitors! Creating an application takes a lot of time, so take that extra five minutes to ensure that and you aren’t hitting the ‘no’ pile before you’re even started.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask! Our Campus Recruitment Team is here to answer your questions, and help you land your dream job.

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